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#1 Brad


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Posted 12 September 2015 - 09:21 AM


Been thinking about the premium addon and addons in general and just wanted to say that I think this is great move, both business wise (new revenue stream) and user benefit.

I hate having to look for a plugin that will work with my theme and I know will be updated. To ensure the most updated plugin, I don't have a problem buying a premium plugin. But to have options of plugins that are native to the theme you are using, and having a choice of what plugins to use, is, in my eyes, nothing less that awesome. The more plugins that I could use that are native to my theme, the less chance I have of a conflict or the plugin becoming unsupported.

On a personal note, after reading your blog and catching up on your story, I am happy that I found MD and supported you. I have no doubt you are on the right track personally and professionally.

I've enjoyed reading your story and seeing the passion in your posts and replies in the forum. You have inspired this 40 year old to learn more coding as well (I just got a lifetime membership to SitePoint). If we had the internet like this when I was in high school, I guarantee I would have been in my bedroom learning to code, building sites, etc. It is much harder to learn with a full-time job, a side business and a wife.

I have bought into your dream of MD and I am a huge fan of how you built it. I do not doubt this theme can go far.

#2 Alex


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Posted 12 September 2015 - 11:53 AM

I'm glad you've been thinking about it and that it makes sense to you too. The Addons model was a huge inspiration to me during MD's initial development because of the exact reasons you mention and it's already largely setup to accommodate that kind of system. Technically Page Leads were supposed to be the first premium addon but I decided last minute to bundle it in to stay true to our history (MD2 + MD3).

While we're on the topic, I'm looking to drop an update to the MD admin panel come Monday. Can you tell I'm going all in on this Addons thing? :D

(click here to see a preview)

I appreciate your support through all this time, I really do. You're the exact kind of person MD was made for — someone who isn't afraid to get into code and knows what they want out of a website. Coding/designing has always been the one thing I knew I was good at and through the ups and downs with the business side around here made moving forward tough and uncertain. But even when I went through the tougher times I always had MD to come back to and it helped give me a sense of purpose again. It definitely sounds like you have your work cut out for you in your own life, but like me, I hope this coding thing gives you a nice little escape from it all when you need it!
- Alex
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#3 Brad


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Posted 12 September 2015 - 12:06 PM

That is perfect Alex. I like the settings area and such.

The beautiful thing with learning to code via SitePoint, is I can do it on my own. Since I have no formal education in coding or design, I am starting at the very beginning with Into to HTML. While I know most of it, I might as well allow someone to teach it to me the right way, lol.

I am happy where I am in life, but would LOVE to work for myself. In the meantime, having a stable full-time job allows me and my wife to live nicely. I have learned to have a nice balance between my personal life (spending time with my wife) and my business life at home (clicking on a keyboard and talking to clients). It might take me a little longer to learn, but I am not in any hurry either. I have no idea what I am going to do with the education; all I do know is that it will definitely come in handy.

After digging into WP years ago and not being happy with the theme I was using, I started digging into the code and understanding what is going on. I can get lost in design and code for hours, so I understand how you can find solace in it.

Another great thing is the support you are giving me here on my MD site. Hopefully as I learn more coding, I will need less help. But it is definitely nice to have your help regardless of my level and experience - after all, you are the creator and know the theme better than anyone.

Keep rocking....you are still young and great things will happen with your attitude and passion.

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