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#6995 Goingup Social - Marketing Consultancy On Md2

Posted by Sean Davis on 08 July 2012 - 11:16 AM

That's a great story, Daniel. There's something about military service that does one of two things to most people. Either they a) get complacent and just stick with it.... not challenging themselves to do more when the opportunity arises. Or 2) they leave the service and continue to keep a high standard with everything... including life. That usually leads to building business and writing your own future. Glad to be in the same club, my man.

As for the site, just like everyone else, I think it looks outstanding! Everyone has already given the pointers I would have said except for one. And this is really just a matter of opinion but something that I have learned along the way.

I used to think up color schemes for my sites and I would just dive right into them. I'd get generic backgrounds and all that good stuff. But for my color scheme, every link, icon, headline, important text, button, etc. would have to fit the scheme.

What I always ended up with was a 2-3 colored site. For example, your logo is the yellowish color and so are the menu links. Back in the day, I just HAD to have the menu links fit the color scheme because I would fear that people wouldn't realize I even had a color scheme! But then I realized that not every item on the screen had to be my main colors. So I started making the menu links more generic... like black or really dark gray. And I'd give them a hover state to make the color scheme.

What this did was...

1) Keep me from having too many unrelated elements on a given page use the same color... which takes away from the importance each element would have had if it was one of the only few elements with that color. (Think taking notes in a textbook in school and every line on the page gets highlighted. Now, it's all regular text again.)

2) It allowed me guide the visitor through a sequence of events on each page. Starting in the top left with my logo, they wouldn't see my color scheme jump out again until the next action I wanted them to take... like an optin. Take a look at a screenshot of my site. Though the turquoise-ish color is the big part of my scheme... you only see it here for very specific reasons. The logo must have it... get right down to requesting a quote... sign up for my email list... or read more of my articles which will lead you to more strategically used colors.

Notice my menu links are just regular old black... even the far right link wasn't special enough to get the color treatment. It's important so I made it stand out. But it's not important enough to get the main color.

So I guess what I'm saying is that colors have the ability to cry wolf... so you should consider using them sparingly. When people see them, they have to have faith that it's an important item AND you have to quickly tell them what purpose that item serves.

I'm rambling!!! :)

#18361 Upcoming Changes?

Posted by Alex on 10 October 2017 - 12:45 PM

Hey Anwar, no problem for asking here and I'm glad you asked!


To cut right to the chase, I've been working all summer long on MD4.7, which is a massive rewrite of how Marketers Delight stores and uses data in the WordPress database. The challenge that has taken so long is making sure that when this update is ready for your site, all of your existing data will be safely moved to the new data format. I'm finally getting this wrapped up and am getting closer to making an announcement.


What are the benefits of MD4.7 and why did I make this a priority now?

  1. MD4.7 will dramatically drop the number of database queries made per page load from upwards of 100's+ to less than 30 in most cases, which is a significant performance/speed gain. This needed to be done so higher-traffic sites can run MD without crashing, and to make all of our sites run better on any server.
  2. The new data structure sets MD up to be less random and more predictable/organized, meaning new features and options can be added in a more robust manner and easy to move across sites. Also, import/export systems will now be able to exist so installing things like Drop-ins and other MD addons I have planned for the new year can be as easy as installing a plugin.

All in all, MD4.7 will be sure to speed up all of our sites and lay the groundwork for adding new Drop-ins, page templates, and other cool features I mentioned here without worrying about ugly technical details. Again, the big undertaking has been to make sure this update can hit your sites smoothly without deleting your data, and it's something I'm testing a lot and making sure to get perfect.


As for me, this summer I took some time to travel after a year of releasing many updates. While on the road I worked on some cool MD projects that launched (I'll do a blog post roundup to show you all), and of course build out MD4.7 (95% done). I have been quiet on the blog, which is a bad tendency of mine, but there's always something in the works for MD!


MD4.7 has been exhausting because of how gritty these details are, and frustrating because we won't see the benefits of it (outside of performance) until new features like MD Optins and Drop-ins are released.


Until then, I'm always checking the forums for any new questions you post. I hope you've been keeping busy with new websites as well! Thanks again for the post, these kinds of discussions are what keep me going!

#17073 Starter Child Theme: Centered Logo With 2 Nav Menus

Posted by Alex on 09 August 2016 - 02:33 PM

A popular customization request I get for MD is how to replicate a header menu such as what you see on the new Kolakube site design. That is, a centered logo with nav menus to the right and left of it.


With a little push from MD newcomer michkocis, I've come up with a starter child theme you can use to get a similar style on your own MD powered site.




Here's what the child theme looks like on a clean install of WordPress + MD:


Attached File  Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.02.10 PM.png   35.01KB   1 downloads




For versions of MD4.6 or newer:


Attached File  md-child-theme.zip   2.32KB   27 downloads


For versions of MD4.4.3 or older:


Attached File  md-child-theme.zip   2.28KB   18 downloads




If you haven't yet installed an MD Child Theme, go ahead and download the one attached to this thread and install it like a regular WordPress theme.


If you're already using a Child Theme, you'll need to merge the code from the attached child theme into you existing one (copying and pasting should work). This Child Theme has the following files in it:

  1. style.css
  2. functions.php
  3. header.php

Here's a quick explanation of each files purpose:




This file overwrites the default header.php file loaded by MD and allows us to completely override MD's stock header functionality so we can add the markup needed to support this kind of layout.




To make sure everything aligns correctly and looks nice, I've included some CSS you can use as a starter for your custom menu. You can copy this CSS into your existing stylesheet and just place the code at the bottom.




Since this menu doesn't use the built-in WordPress menu system, I wrote an additional function that checks to see if the current page is active. Also, since we're using custom markup here, I included another function that overwrites MD's default JavaScript to ensure these menus toggle open/closed on mobile. Make sure these 2 functions are included in your child theme (kol_menu_active() and md_inline_js()).




- As I mentioned above, this menu doesn't use the native WordPress menu system so you'll either have to A.) manage menu links from header.php (this is what I do on Kolakube or B.) continue development and integrate the WP menu system into it.


- When I build more design options into MD, this will be something I consider making an easily selectable option since this is such a commonly requested feature amongst MD customers. Yes, that will have WP menu integration in it.


- I left comments in the style.css file to help you better understand what's going on in that file so you can tweak what you need to as you need to.


Of course, I'm open to any questions you have while using this theme.

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#16204 [New Ideas] - Email Opt-In Exit Intent, Popup Modals, Etc..

Posted by DannyOutlaw on 04 September 2015 - 06:37 AM

Hey -

Love the theme! The only thing I still find myself needing a plugin for is some slightly more advanced opt-in related functions.

1. Be able to set a custom redirect url after a user enters in an email.
For example, after user submits email, I want to redirect them to a page like this (https://www.dropbox.....35.18.png?dl=0)

2. 2 Step Email Modals
I want to be able to create a button or text link that opens a modal with an email optin form in it.

3. Exit Intent Modal
I want to be able to create a modal when exit intent is detected. This could be an opt-in modal or just text. Would like to be able to set a global default and per page basis.

#16028 All New Personal Branding/insurance Site On Md3.1

Posted by Chris Langille on 22 December 2013 - 08:20 AM

I'm still putting some finishing touches on this one as far as mobile, and some other tweaks, and it will continue to evolve over time, but I couldn't wait to reveal this thing.


#17839 Mdtv: How Is That Section Formatted?

Posted by Alex on 25 March 2017 - 02:50 PM

I swear I'm working on getting this out soon! :) I'm cleaning up a few small things on MDTV itself then I'll have something ready for you guys. Looking to release some Drop-ins by the end of this month.

#17752 What's Next For Marketers Delight?

Posted by Alex on 22 February 2017 - 05:20 PM

Yes awesome. So many of the changes you shared (especially Video Gallery, email system tags) are going to be so dope!


I know you especially will get a ton of value from the Video library, that will be one of the first new Drop-ins released!



I love the idea of sites delight and child themes. One of the main reasons I have not converted my high traffic sites to MD is because of customization issues. I would love to have an option to purchase these so I can focus on content and not messing with CSS for hours at a time without getting anywhere. I love the idea of more drop ins as well... the bookshelf is priceless!!!


I'd be very excited to get your larger sites over to MD! I know what you're capable of content wise so it seems like a match made in heaven wouldn't you say? :)


Good stuff Alex. 


I think SD is a great idea, and I've always wanted pre-made templates for MD. 


Having more design options will certainly make things easier for those of us that are "design-challenged"


The last bit of work you and I did to your site sparked a lot of ideas for Sites Delight, so thank you for that! I'm loving all the work you've put into Raylosophy lately.



Great work Alex!


I'm not sure if it's already possible but a way to track the popup and emailforms would be a great feature. 


At this point there's no way to track how the popups and emailforms are performing right?


Thanks for the comment! Adding Tag compatibility to email forms would allow you to connect those forms back into your Email Service Provider, which will track the conversion rate + other stats of the form for you. I don't anticipate on MD ever having its own analytics/stats in it, but bridges like Email Tags will make their way in so your ESP can do the advanced tracking for you.


This all sounds great Alex. The drop ins, especially the content areas are what I've been waiting for.


Drop-ins are most likely the next release you guys can expect to see and I can't wait to get the Content Boxes drop-in out there in particular.


Great to see you make such progress. I kinda like that MD is sort of a personal thing from Alex, instead of a theme from a big faceless company.


Personally I would like to see the drop-ins be released in the coming months. I really think that would benefit the current MD community and show potential customers that MD can be extended in many ways.


I'd also love to see more in-depth tutorials on how to create custom pages with code. People like me who use MD for client work allready know how to code and want to make every MD website look unique.


Thanks a lot Anwar, I appreciate the comments and questions you leave here as they challenge MD in a lot of ways. You've certainly left an impression with your feedback, so thank you for the time you put in yourself!


I agree with what you say about Drop-ins and I hope people will use them as references to build their own. All the code is added into Child Themes, so it's all reusable and fair game in custom projects.


More tutorials are badly needed too and I have loads of ideas for them. I'll continue to improve on that front as well!

#17750 What's Next For Marketers Delight?

Posted by Anwar on 22 February 2017 - 08:43 AM

Great to see you make such progress. I kinda like that MD is sort of a personal thing from Alex, instead of a theme from a big faceless company.


Personally I would like to see the drop-ins be released in the coming months. I really think that would benefit the current MD community and show potential customers that MD can be extended in many ways.


I'd also love to see more in-depth tutorials on how to create custom pages with code. People like me who use MD for client work allready know how to code and want to make every MD website look unique.

#17745 What's Next For Marketers Delight?

Posted by Stephen Pasquini on 22 February 2017 - 12:12 AM

I love the idea of sites delight and child themes. One of the main reasons I have not converted my high traffic sites to MD is because of customization issues. I would love to have an option to purchase these so I can focus on content and not messing with CSS for hours at a time without getting anywhere. I love the idea of more drop ins as well... the bookshelf is priceless!!!

#17711 Whatsapp And Messenger Share Options In Md Pro Share

Posted by Alex on 09 February 2017 - 03:30 PM

*gives standing ovation*


Great pitch, I totally agree with you about WhatsApp and hadn't considered Facebook before. I see big uses for both.


The next MD update will be adding the LinkedIn button, and I'll see how these 2 buttons fit into the mix as well. At the bare minimum I can write up a custom filter to add the buttons through your child theme, but they seem important enough to include.


I'll keep you posted about this, thanks for the great suggestion!

#17497 Social Media Logo's In Footer Copy

Posted by Anwar on 19 December 2016 - 03:58 AM

Thanks. I manually call the font-awesome stuff throught functions.php and checked their documentation on how to show icons.

#17427 Md Popular Posts "pro Version"

Posted by Mitchel van Duuren on 26 November 2016 - 04:18 AM

Would love this! :-)

#17333 Second Md Site (Waves!)

Posted by Max Nachamkin on 21 October 2016 - 07:01 PM

Hey all,


My second site using the MD framework launched today!


Click here to check it out.


I made it for my friend Diana, who is an amazing woman who has an uncanny ability to help people. She traveled for a week, and I wanted to surprise her to the site when she got back.


She's never had a website before, and my intention was to create a platform for her to help her spread her message to others.


It felt so good to give this to her. She cried when she saw it for the first time, it was adorable :)


Mainly with this site, I learned:

  • Mobile responsive CSS
  • More about JS animations 
  • Random HTML/CSS tweaks per usual
  • The importance of colors and design elements (it took me a while to find the right color scheme)
  • The elegance of simplicity
  • A better understanding of the template system which made this project a breeze

As you'll see, the header is derived from Alex's tutorial (thanks Alex!), and there are a few bugs in there - mainly around the footer (anyone know how to make the footer sticky without adding more content?) and some font stuff.


If you see anything that you'd change or have suggestions on, I'm all ears.






PS. I made a timelapse of myself working on the project from (almost) beginning to finish, excluding 3rd-party integrations like Drip and Center. It's pretty cool to watch.


Watch it here on Facebook.




#17300 Post Types

Posted by Alex on 10 October 2016 - 05:37 PM

Hey Ray, post types wouldn't be added as an option per se but are fairly simple to add in through a child theme.


For example, the new MDTV is really a custom post type I added to my Child Theme:


Attached File  Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 6.27.51 PM.png   306.02KB   2 downloads


I intend on releasing this video template as a 'Drop-in', which is basically a file you can drop into your child theme and it will execute whatever scripts are in (it's pretty much ready). The custom post type code for the video library will be included as part of the Drop-in. no configuration needed.


But more on that later. :D


For now you can play around with this code, which I use on Kolakube to:

  1. Register a Portfolio custom post type
  2. Add a category to the Portfolio custom post type

You can place the code on this page in your functions.php file:




After you save the code, go to Settings > Permalinks and save the permalinks. Otherwise, the URLs in your new post type won't work.


You can read more about registering post types here, I know the code above is a lot to take in at once: https://codex.wordpr..._type#Arguments

#17282 First Md Site (Success!)

Posted by Ray on 03 October 2016 - 07:56 PM

Hey Max,


Your site has a really clean layout.

You chose a great color palette

...and I love the animation.


You did a great job with MD...especially with this being your first site built with Marketers Delight.



#17241 Page Leads Hack: Add Any Page Lead Above Your Content

Posted by Alex on 26 September 2016 - 10:45 AM

Great info Max, thanks for sharing. Based on the names of those custom Leads you're making, it sounds like you have a cool site in the works!

#17217 Download Md4.5 Beta

Posted by Alex on 20 September 2016 - 08:55 PM

In case you guys haven't heard, MD4.5 dropped today! You can read about it here:




Thanks to everyone who signed up as a beta tester, your efforts helped me squash some bugs as well as add in features MD was missing. I couldn't be happier with MD4.5, and thanks to the milestones we achieved, can begin focusing on getting this community ramped up and bet back on track in developing bigger features.


If you ran any version of MD4.5 before today, you'll want to download the latest version from your account and replace it with your current MD. Enjoy this new workflow!

#17142 Download Md4.5 Beta

Posted by Alex on 29 August 2016 - 01:16 PM

I did give him the last spot, but I have a hard time saying no it seems. :) You guys can access the beta / screenshots now.

#17123 Download Md4.5 Beta

Posted by Alex on 26 August 2016 - 01:47 PM

Download Marketers Delight 4.5 Beta 2


Attached File  marketers-delight-45.zip   359.44KB   28 downloads


The first round of beta testing has been a huge hit! I had asked for only 5 beta testers but your guys' enthusiasm to try out the new MD inspired me to up that number and let a few more of you guys in on the action!


If all goes well with this second beta release, I'll be ready to release MD4.5 to all active license owners. If you were previously approved to test beta 1, you can download beta 2 by clicking the download link at the top of this reply.


NOTE: It's crucial that you delete any of the old MD plugins BEFORE installing the MD4.5 theme. If you don't you will get a fatal error for running duplicate code! Please read the original post for installation + upgrade instructions


MD4.5 beta 2 has some new features that absolutely seal the deal on making this the BEST update Marketers Delight has received yet. I'm confident after my own testing and the work of the awesome lineup beta testers that you should be able to update your own sites with little to no friction (depending on how much you've customized your sites).


I take immense pride in the track record MD has in delivering safe updates and it looks like we're bound to keep it going with MD4.5.


Ok, enough gloating! Here are the new features/fixes in MD4.5 beta 2:



Header Dropdown Menus


A highlight requested feature, the MD header menu now supports unlimited levels of dropdown menus. In addition to the MD Main menu, you guys can now create some seriously packed menus! The header menu looks great on mobile as well, clearly showing your menu hierarchy with indentation and subtle dividers.


Attached File  Aug-26-2016 14-17-41.gif   409.95KB   0 downloads



Quote Box Widget + Better Blockquote Styling


The quotes/testimonials widget is a classic MD feature and I'm happy to say MD4.5 brings it back! It's now easy to lay out a stream of quotes in any Widget area on your site. This widget supports quote text, author name, and a small author avatar. Simply fill in the widget fields and MD takes care of the rest!


Attached File  post-1-0-56581300-1471988362.png   55.1KB   0 downloads Attached File  post-1-0-24441000-1472150339.png   47.48KB   0 downloads Attached File  post-1-0-98157700-1472150370.png   73.18KB   0 downloads

Layout Style Improvements
I took some time to improve some styles around MD that I've been wanting to tweak based on my own experience and feedback from various MD users over the past year. These style updates include:
A more obvious mobile menu trigger
The old mobile menu trigger was a small unstyled icon that just didn't look that obvious to click. To improve this I added a 'Menu' label and gave it a subtle background color to make it larger to click on mobile and more obvious to use at first glance:
Attached File  Aug-26-2016 14-23-29.gif   551.23KB   0 downloads
Changed comment author styling
The old way of indicating an author comment in blog posts was to add a blue badge that says 'Author'. This was fine, but on mobile, was a little awkward. The new style removes that badge and simply changes the background color of author comments to blue with a subtle shadow effect. I hope you like it!
Attached File  Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.27.04 PM.png   21.88KB   0 downloads
Flexible menu colors
Alongside the header menu improvements, I updated some of the CSS that controlled hover and border colors on menus. Instead of using static colors like gray to show hover, I changed the values to RGB colors. This means if you change the background color of the header with CSS, the hover / border colors won't look bad and will update to match the new colors a little better.
Bug Fixes + Template Updates
Alongside these new features/improvements, I further organized the MD file structure and updated a few templates
  • Moved /build/ folder to /lib/
  • Edited /content/menu.php
  • Edited /content/comment.php
  • Fixed bug where setting any Page Lead to show on all blog posts also showed on custom post type single entries

If you edited either /content/menu.php or /content/comment.php in a child theme, be sure to update those template files to get the most out of MD's new features.



When will MD4.5 be officially released?


As I mentioned above, I anticipate this to be the last beta release before officially sending out the MD4.5 update to everyone! As shown in the first beta release there are a few extra steps to updating to MD4.5 on a preexisting site. The steps will be worth it because from here on out you'll only need to manage ONE license key and ONE theme for all of MD. Very exciting.


I'll be spending some time recording upgrade videos and writing up documentation to show the upgrade process firsthand. As well as tutorials, I'm also working on a new landing page for Marketers Delight that explains the new product and pricing model I have in mind.


Since we're dropping the addons model, MD will now be sold at a single price point. The only variable that you'll consider when buying is how many licenses you wish to buy. One MD, one price.


MD4.5 will be available early September. Stay tuned, follow the MD forums and blog, and join the newsletter to get an email when it's ready.


Thanks again for following along with this update, I hope you love MD4.5 as much I loved developing it over the summer. You guys seriously make it all worth it.


- Alex

#17071 Few Ideas

Posted by Alex on 05 August 2016 - 02:39 PM

Very cool plugin, I was wondering how you added those in too.


As an update on MD4.5, I just put the finishing touches on the default featured image position setting. Setting this option will take care of all those old post images in just a click.

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